9 Best Gifts You Can Give Your Children

There are many things you can give your children but have you thought about what some of the best gifts you can give your children are? The types of gifts that never go bad, they never expire nor go out of fashion. We have complied a list of some of the best gifts you can give your children.

Greatest Gifts


As children grow up with positive role models around them, they see themselves as drivers of their lives and not as victims. They learn to see things as half full rather than half empty. Also, they learn the power of being optimistic and of taking charge of what life brings their way. They will ultimately learn to make lemonade when life gives them lemons. Children should see themselves on a journey of self-discovery and believe that they can overcome any obstacle big or small.

Spiritual Understanding

Children who grow up understanding the word of God and the power of prayer are better equipped for life. They learn that life is bigger than them and not limited to their wants and needs. They desire inherently to seek to do things according to God’s will and understand they have a direct line of communication to God through prayer. [Read: Saving Children from Affluenza]

Family Ties

Having strong family ties and a sense of values is important for children when it comes to their identity as they grow up. The family unit is the first base of operation for children. When the family unit is healthy with a strong sense of values and togetherness, children grow up understanding the role of family in their lives and in the wider society.

Healthy Habits

Learning how to eat right, exercise and have healthy lifestyle habits is critical to living a healthy life. When these habits are inculcated from a young age, it is hard (harder) to depart from this lifestyle as adults. They learn to have self-control and to take care of themselves. This in turn reduces ill health that comes from bad eating habits, lack of exercise and excesses.


Education and knowledge are some of the most important building blocks that children can get. When the desire to seek knowledge forms the basis of their lives then education is a skill that goes further than the classroom. They will imbibe a curiosity about the world, they will always seek to understand and to solve problems. Many great inventors were known for looking for ways to solve problems and not only focused on just being good students.


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Teach your children to ask questions about who, what, where, how and why. They should be curious about the world around them and as a result always strive to change things for the better. “Stop asking so many questions” should not be uttered by parents as this tends to kill curiosity. Encourage them to be aware of the world around them from a young age.

Identify their Talents

Every child and individual has his and her own unique talent and gift. When this is identified early, encouraged and developed children grow up to be more confident. Maya Angelou, had a teacher who encouraged her continuously as a child until she blossomed into the poet the world knew. When children are given an enabling environment to thrive they develop beautifully and excel at what they do.

Teach them to love

Love makes the world go round, there is nothing that is more important than love. Love for your neighbors and loving yourself. Children learn love not by being told but by being shown. As people are filled wtih love, they will be more tolerant of differences and we would live in a better world.

Financial Acumen

Learning about money and financial discipline early is a skill that will never depart, understanding how to save and budget, how to differentiate wants from needs is an invaluable lesson to learn. [Read: Are your children financially literate?]

All these things cannot be picked up in a store, children learn best by watching those around them live their lives. Children learn better from watching and seeing rather than by being told.

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