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Filmhouse Kidsblock. Lagosmums

3 Reasons You Should Take your Kids to Filmhouse

Here we have some important reasons why you should take the kids to Filmhouse this summer. Introducing them to new concepts to think about It is no surprise that a lot of engineers, writers, and even computer programmers reference movies as a source of inspiration when they were growing up. For the adult that considers…

Kids August secrets. Lagosmums

Happy Moments at the August Secrets Kids Food Fair

It’s no secret that August secrets make the best foods that kids love to eat. On the 21st of July, there was an amazing turn up of parents, guardians, and their kids to Augustsecrets’ first-ever kids fair. The event was organised with the sole aim of showcasing their new products, as well as create an…

dreamtime mattress

Mouka Launches Quality Sleep, Smarter Kids Campaign With Water-Resistant Dreamtime Mattress To Help Kids Get Quality Sleep

Mouka Limited, Nigeria’s number one producer of bedding products, has launched the Mouka Dreamtime mattress, the first mattress designed with kids in mind. [Is your child getting enough sleep?] Growing kids get quality sleep when they sleep on the right mattress and wake up to be their best.  Asides adequate nutrition and loving support by…

Let It happen to your child

Let It Happen To Your Child

There is nothing as beautiful as a child who is in control of his or her words and can articulate his or her thoughts in an elevated language.   Writing is one art that shapes the tender mind of the child into a vista of imagination and decorum. This is the pride of any parent;…

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What is it about LagosMums? Being a Mum means that you are many things at the same time…


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