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Distracted parenting

How Distracted Parenting Is Affecting Children

We all know the ongoing debate of how much screen time is too much, how do we ensure that our children develop well? Perhaps we need to discuss how distracted parenting is affecting children. When it comes to children’s development, parents should worry less about their child’s screen time—and more about their own.

Why Experts Are Worried About “Toxic Childhood”

A group of leading authors, and child-development experts have written a letter sharing their concern on “toxic childhood”. Their letter is calling on the UK government to introduce national guidelines on the use of screens. This is amid concern about the impact on children’s physical and mental health.   Their letter is recommending a few…

age appropriate chores LagosMums

Age Appropriate Chores For Children

The earlier parents start with age-appropriate chores for children, the better. Introducing them to chores from an early age is one of the ways to ensure children start to have a sense of responsibility. Imagine this scenario; Tilewa is a 17-year-old in University and she cannot wash her clothes or make her bed. This issue…

parenting digital

What are the things to know about Parenting in the Digital Age

Parenting our children in this digital age is not about sheltering them from the harshness of the world. It’s about preparing them to thrive in a complex and challenging reality; whether you are new to parenting or have raised children for years. LagosMums hosted a parenting upgrade masterclass, themed “Parenting 3.0”; where we had amazing…


Ways to Promote Creativity in Children from The Headies

The 14th edition of the popular Nigerian Music Award show, The Headies, was held on the 21st of February 2021; to celebrate top-performing artists of the previous year. LagosMums is using this as an avenue to show that creativity is still alive and well; and that we can promote this creativity in our children. Some…

Protect kids Online

What is it about LagosMums? Being a Mum means that you are many things at the same time…


Online Safety Masterclass