The Importance of The Millenials and the Gen Z in the EndSARS protests

The Importance of the Millenials and Gen Z in the EndSARS protests that took place worldwide cannot be overlooked. Therefore, the two generations and all ages really, need to work together to understand each other.

Sorosoke Vs Gbenudake

Gen Z has been tagged the “sorosoke” which simply means “SPEAK UP”. On the other hand, the older millenials and our parents have been named the “Gbenudake” which means “KEEP QUIET”.

Both the Millenials and Gen Z have had roles in different fights for better government. However, the protests of recent have been championed by Gen Z (youths). Thus, the accusation that the older generation had kept quiet and condoned bad governance for years. Pointing fingers isn’t entirely right as older generations and Gen Z has been instrumental to the country’s growth.

In their defence, the older generation say they clamored as best as they could, and contributed to the fight for a better Nigeria during the June 12 crisis.

Consequently, a majority of the older generation are proud of the newer generation for speaking up. They also acknowledge that the advent of technology has helped the EndSARS and EndBadGovernance quest.

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Roles and the Importance of The Millenials (and Parents) and the Gen Z in the EndSARS protests

Thousands of youths around the nation and overseas joined the protests. And although parents are sceptical of allowing their children to join again (if the protests resume), its best for parents to:

  1. Discuss what the protests mean and the facts with their children. The need for this cannot be overemphasized.
  2. They should answer whatever questions their children might have concerning the protests.
  3. Parents can and should learn what they don’t know from their children.
  4. They should help their children understand the violence they have seen or heard.
  5. Parents have to be careful with the comments they make so as not to mislead their children.
  6. They also need to educate their children on how to be involved in government through voting and other means.

However, educating a child is not for parents alone. Schools should have a curriculum that includes the history of the country too. This will help children have an insight into the past, to understand the present.

Understanding the Importance of The Millenials and Gen Z would help both generations respect each other. Also, parents should deviate from using the authoritarian parenting style for their children and employ the intentional parenting style. READ: How to be intentional parents in the 21st Century

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