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Children on Destiny

Children on Destiny – Diary of LagosMums I believe in having real conversations with young people especially my children. Children are forming their views on the world on a daily basis and through seemingly unimportant questions they are constantly framing their views. When a child asks a question it is a natural and perfect window…

Kids dont twerk

Note to Parents: Artists Are Not Your Child’s Role Model

Who Said Artists are your Child’s Role Model? The news has recently been filled with reactions to a mum sharing a video of her daughter’s dancing. The girl was clad in skimpy clothing not appropriate at her age (or perhaps for any age), the music she was dancing to and the dance moves she was displaying were…

Year in review

The Year In Review

The year 2015 is wrapping to a close and it is time for the year in review. Infact for some people you would say the year is already over with just a few hours left in 2015. Before we start to talk about the plans, goals and resolutions for the new year. It is important…


What Your Face Needs

In the last Diary of Lagosmums post I talked about how we all need to have a beauty regime and my shocker after getting a facial. Majority of us are dealing with makeup (the good and the bad effects), diets that do not help the skin, wrong products and poor makeup removal regime. I promised to…

What Did Women Invent?

What Did Women Invent?

I find that my children constantly push my creativity and my curiosity. As adults we tend to get into the process of going with the flow, not questioning status quo in our daily lives and find ourselves saying “that’s just how things are”. Thinking out the box seems to be something that we tend to…

makeup artist

DALM | Women In Business

Diary Adventures of LagosMums: DALM | Women In Business There are many women in business, either as entrepreneurs, career women or business women. I think that every woman is in business somehow, even women who are not in your typical 9 to 5. The internet and social media provide very low barriers to entry, anyone can have a…

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    May 27 @ 9:00 am

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