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Plantain Chips

Recipe: How to Make Crispy Plantain Chips

Our recipe this week is how to make crispy plantain chips; it is a fun snack to preparre with the family this weekend. It is easy to prepare at home and you never can tell, you can start your own ‘small’ plantain chips depot. You can also make them like the ones sold, even make…

Boiled Plantain wilth peppered snail sauce

Recipe How To Make Boiled Plantain and Peppered Snail Sauce

Our recipe this week is boiled plantain and peppered snail sauce; a wonderful recipe to enjoy with the family this weekend. Are you watching your weight and conscious of what you eat? Boiled Plantain and Peppered Snail Sauce is a healthy meal you would enjoy. Did you miss our recipe for last week? No worries,…

Fresh plantain fufu

Recipe Of The Week – Fresh Plantain Fufu

Our recipe of the week is Fresh Plantain Fufu. There are different ways to enjoy plantain without frying it and this is one. This recipe is simply swallow made with plantain. Plantain is lower in calories and carbohydrate however it’s significantly higher in sugar than cassava. If you are counting calories or on a low…

plantain pizza

Recipe – How To Make Plantain Pizza

The recipe this week is very different! It involves plantain but with a twist. This shows how to make plantain pizza. This recipe from Afrolems is easy to follow. Enjoy! Plantain Flat Bread Pizza Ingredients 1 large Plantain 3 cups of flour 1/3 cup of butter (75 grams) 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder 1/2 cup…

Plantain moi-moi. Lagosmums

Recipe of the Week – How to make Plantain Moi Moi

Hello mums! Our recipe of the week is – Plantain Moi-Moi – because plantain is for happy people and we cannot say “No” to it this summer. In addition to that, it is absolutely delicious no matter how you eat it (boiled, fried, grilled, plantain Akara, plantain Frittata, pizza, etc!) [Click here for other plantain…

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