How to Protect your Skin During this Harmattan Season

Harmattan season is upon us! And for the next 2 to 3 months , the drop in temperature, dry and dusty winds brings with it dry and chapped lips, dry scalp and dry skin in general. It’s important during this season to be aware and intentional about taking care of our skin. This routine should help protect and alleviate what can often be the harsh by-product of harmattan on our skin.


harmattan[Do you know? Your skincare might be killing you]

1. Hydrate! Hydrate! And Hydrate!

Can’t stress the importance enough of drinking lots of water. At least a litre and a half day. This helps flush out impurities and keeps your skin supple.

2. Moisturise!

Natural products that don’t dry out the skin are best. Opt for products high in natural oils and butters such as Shea butter, coconut oils, calendula etc. Our rosehip and calendula moisturiser is thick and rich and perfect for keeping dryness at bay! [Read: Hannah and Hugh Skincare – Natural and Toxic Free Products]

skincare what you don't know can kill you

3. Think Hands and Lips and Scalp

Our hands tend to get dry quicker and lips chapped. Use a good lip salve. Pure Shea butter works amazing for all three!

4. Lukewarm shower or bath

Opt for lukewarm rather than hot. Hot water strips the skin of it’s natural oil barrier and exacerbates more dryness.

5. Exercise

This helps you maintain a healthy mind and body. It’s a natural stress buster and releases unwanted toxins from the body which helps skin glow!

So here’s to a glowing you this harmattan season and beyond!

Hannah And Hugh


Pamela Orji is the CEO and Founder of Hannah and Hugh Skincare, a range of amazing natural and toxic-free products suitable for the whole family.

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