Recipe- How To Make Spaghetti Bolognese

Recipe- How To Make Spaghetti Bolognese

Hello Mums! It is still the week of Love, and  we are taking a trip to good old Italia, the home of all things pasta, and romance!! There are a million ways to have spaghetti but this classic recipe never gets old. You just can’t go wrong with this. This rich sauce will give your…

Recipe- How To Make Gizzapotatododo

Recipe- How To Make Gizzapotatododo

Hi Mums! Its another great Thursday, and we at LagosMums are feeling “Yumtuous”. This week in our recipe series we bring to you a deliciously rare recipe, absolute deliciousness i must say. You know we always aim for easy to cook, and deliciously sumptuous recipes, well here is it-The Gizpotatododo recipe! It is a great…

Recipe-How To Make Grilled Red Snapper

Recipe-How To Make Grilled Red Snapper

GRILLED RED SNAPPER If you are a grilled fish lover and you have never tried grilling red snapper, then we doubt your love for grilled fish. Red Snapper Fish is said to be the best for grilling whole fish. The vibrant red colour comes from the high levels of carotenoid pigments coming from the shrimp…

How to Make Cocoa Banana Oats

How To Make Cocoa Banana Oats

  This week we bring you a simple simply delicious meal of Cocoa Banana Oats. There are 2 parts to this recipe, one is strawberry oats, but today we will be sharing the Cocoa Banana oat recipe. To be honest, we can eat this all day! Both cocoa and oats are rich in fiber which…

How To Make - Baked Peppered Fish

How To Make – Baked Peppered Fish

We have tried out grilled fish, fried fish and now, this is baked fish. This is the definition of deliciousness! We prepared the pepper sauce first, stuffed it into the fish and then baked it. This is the new way to make peppered fish. Did you miss out on how sweet potato porridge recipe for…

How To Make - Sweet Potato Porridge

How To Make – Sweet Potato Porridge

Whether it’s yam porridge, bean porridge or plantain porridge, most of us Mums just love a well cooked delicious porridge. This week at LagosMums, we bring you delicious recipe of a sumptuous meal- Sweet potato porridge!   This sweet potato porridge is almost like the popular yam porridge (asaro). Unlike yam, sweet potato is naturally sweet…

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